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If there was ever any doubt... - Habemus plus vis computatoris quam Deus
Ramblings of a Unix ronin
If there was ever any doubt...

If there was EVER THE SLIGHTEST DOUBT that Congress operates on a money-for-laws basis as a matter of course to such an extent that large corporations have come to view it as a natural entitlement, this should lay it to rest.  Former Senator Chris Dodd, now head of the MPAA, went on Fox News to openly threaten Congress for not staying bought.

I've said it before.  I'll say it again.  I'll repeat it right now.  Congress and the two-faced single party that runs it, and all of their megacorporate cronies, are rotten to the core.

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jhetley From: jhetley Date: January 21st, 2012 07:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
The best government money can buy . . .
lblanchard From: lblanchard Date: January 22nd, 2012 12:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, some scam the Unified Party of Greed has going for it.

But that Chris Dodd is a special menace. He's like an economic Death Star -- helping to take out the housing and finance markets and now setting his sights on the internet.
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